An Architectural Iceberg and Ramen in Style

I have a certain pace when it comes to museums. Since we’re in France, I’d invite you to speculate upon the snail. Now imagine this snail has an audioguide, a size 14 foot, and a brain that oscillates between super distraction and hyper fixation. Now present that snail with colors. Lots of colors, in closeContinue reading “An Architectural Iceberg and Ramen in Style”

Louvre and War in the Heart of Paris

Our late mornings offered us time to contemplate and assemble before bounding into the day. The slow morning shuffle for the shower and pulling on clothes was often punctuated by the speed and efficiency machine who operated as the motivational spearhead for the squad. Erickson more often than not would have croissants, both regular andContinue reading “Louvre and War in the Heart of Paris”

Luxembourg, Shakespeare, and the Frippes

A gray day calls for graveyards to some, and to others, gardens, life, and bubbling fountains. For two of the gang, the graveyards spoke louder than I, so happy to meet them at the garden, I had my walking espresso and a croissant and took a lovely solo twenty minute stroll to the Palais deContinue reading “Luxembourg, Shakespeare, and the Frippes”

A Gray Day at The Sacred Heart Basilica

Overcast and chilly, we tried looking for a pick-me-up in comparing the weather to back home only to find it was a whole degree warmer in blustery Boston. Gearing up to face the day included layers on layers, a backpack, and a rough idea of making it to Montmarte. We wanted the HopOnHopOff Bus thatContinue reading “A Gray Day at The Sacred Heart Basilica”

A Trip Around the Tour d’Eiffel

The gang was excited to get back to the Eiffel Tower. As alluring as it was the night before, they held off on going up and in, with what can only be described as either internal fortitude or unfortunate operating hours. Regardless, we booked tickets for the HopOnHopOff bus tour and enjoyed the tidbits andContinue reading “A Trip Around the Tour d’Eiffel”

A Day at D’Orsay

Three floors, two restaurants, multiple breakaway exhibits, and hundreds of pieces later, I retreated from the cultural mecca feeling much like a man buried by his own ambitions. Hungrily I poured over every piece I could find, I sampled the Pre-Impressionists, The Post-Impressionists, the Japonismes, Symbolists, and Synthesists. I read Baudelaire and gawked at Rodin,Continue reading “A Day at D’Orsay”