Who IS he?

I’m friend to some, foe to few, tall to most, as weird as it gets, and I love the woods.

I fell in love when I was hiking with the Scouts at the young and tender age of 16. I didn’t know that I liked it. In fact, it felt like I hated it. Walking, with backpacks, away from home and snacks and couches. Okay, it was cool to have my friends there. And sure, there were some views. But that was it.

Now, in my 30’s. I can add beer to the list of things I like about hiking. But I’ve always loved talking. And people listen to me when I talk about hiking! So off I go. I thought I was just going to explore trails and mountains, but as I’ve eaten and drank and traveled and loved and lost, I found so much more to share.

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